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Premier League

The Continental Premier League will officially launch in August 2020 with a maximum of sixteen teams in the Northeast initially, expanding an additional sixteen in the Midwest in August 2021.

Our Mission

The CPL’s mission is to eventually operate a financially viable and cost-effective US Soccer Federation (USSF) Division 3 sanctioned league that delivers team owners a sustainable model for operating a minor league professional team, while being the most liquid transfer market as a professional league in the U.S.

Our Sponsors

CPL Board

Michael Wheeler Esq.

Interim Commissioner / Legal Counsel

Joseph Lizza


Gregory Bajek

VP Business Development

Aaron Dielmann

Digital Media

Bobby Guarente

Director of Broadcasting

Chris Lawlor

Communications Director

David A. Borts Esq.

Immigration Consultant

Presenting the Continental Premier League

“The CPL will provide year-around training in a competitive environment for talented soccer players to mature to the professional level after high school and college,”

Michael Wheeler
Interim Commissioner

The need for a Division 3 league in the US has been voiced by all levels of professional soccer and we are excited to be filling that gap with a creative, sustainable business model. We will follow the European schedule as closely as possible in order to reduce conflict with pre-existing leagues and to become a truly player-centric league. This will also allow for player transfer and loan opportunities during winter break.

The CPL’s business model resolves issues, such as large travel budgets, unorganized league structure, and excessive player salaries and entry fees, that have hindered leagues in the past.

“We are creating a new business model for leagues that enable the teams to overcome the financial hurdles by reducing costs and creating revenue generating opportunities. We are excited to have Zeus as our official sponsor providing superior quality kits to outfit our teams in the latest, high performance style, plus wholesale apparel for teams to sell, Soccer Skills Pro as the official training academy and Black Jack as our media sponsors. And we’re planning to announce more sponsors soon. With a wide range of sponsors coming on board providing revenue streams for the teams, each team can control its own financial destiny if they are creative and leverage these opportunities.”

Gregory Bajek
CPL Co-Founder and Vice President of Business Development.




Launch Date


Team Expansion by 2021

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